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Tranquil THCA Live Resin 1ml Cartridge - Blue Dream Hybrid

Tranquil THCA Live Resin 1ml Cartridge - Blue Dream Hybrid

The THCA cart that others are judged by.

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : If this isn't one of the best THCA cartridges you've ever had (if not THE best), we will refund your purchase!

One hit and you'll realize what's been missing. If you’ve tried other THCA cartridges and found them lacking in potency, flavor and effects then these are for you!

After we had been disappointed time and time again by supposedly great THCA cartridges, these are the answer.

Tranquil's THCA live resin cartridges are the most potent, smoothest, best tasting, cleanest and overall enjoyable THCA cartridges we've ever had. We know, a lot of brands claim that. Trust us, it's true here.

The Oil Is Darker Than Other Carts, What's Up With That?

This is a live resin 100% plant-derived cannabis oil produced with the quality, safety and consistency of laboratory-grade extraction and preparation from registered and accredited suppliers. 

Because everything we use is extremely high quality that isn't overly refined, and we don't use dangerous thinning agents or artificial fillers to increase profits, the oil is darker. You'll also likely notice a stronger cannabis plant smell from the cart even before you use it.

The Oil

  • Over 200mg of THCA
  • 2-4x more potent than every other THCA cartridge we've tested
  • Live resin 100% plant-derived cannabis oil
  • Absolutely *ZERO* vitamin E, MCT, VG, PEG, PG or other fillers/cutting agents
  • A broad spectrum of naturally occurring minor cannabinoids enhances with an entourage effect
  • Oil is a beautiful darker amber color that has the consistency of honey
  • Not over-processed / over-refined!
  • Produced in a FDA-registered facility (meets rigorous safety/quality standards)
  • All ingredients and materials are from suppliers holding various ISO, GMP and FDA registrations (Again meets rigorous safety/quality standards)

The Cartridge

  • 1ml
  • Pure ceramic coil (better flavor vs steel coil cartridges)
  • Pure ceramic mouthpiece
  • All food grade materials
  • Tested/certified heavy metal free
  • Glass tank
  • 1.5ohms resistance
  • CE, GMP, ISO and ROHS Certified
  • FCC & FDA Approved
  • BPA Free
  • Purchased directly from CCELL Master Distributor (no fakes)

The Packaging

  • 100% Food Safe Materials
  • Tube
    • PET Plastic
    • BPA Free
    • Child resistant + tamper evident cap
    • Shatter Resistant
    • Shipped directly from the manufacturer Chubby Gorilla (no fakes / 3rd parties)
  • Foam Inserts To Protect The Cartridge
    • Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam
    • BPA Free
    • Resistant to Chemicals & Grease
    • Impervious to Mildew, Rot & Bacteria

Packaged in a beautiful container that is childproof, tamper proof, shatter resistant, lightweight with an excellent lid sealing mechanism that keeps odors in and impurities out. Although the tamper ring will snap when you first open it (letting you know it has not been disturbed since it was packed), the tube will still seal airtight over and over helping to keep the cart in perfect condition while you enjoy it.

We have customers constantly who order from us when visiting from recreational places like CA/NYC/Chicago and are looking for a top-level product and experience. Everyone raves about Tranquil THCA products.


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