Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Tennessee?

No, but products with hemp-derived THC under a certain concentration *ARE LEGAL* In Tennessee.

Hemp vs Marijuana In Tennessee

THC in it's various forms/compounds that come from a marijuana plant are illegal in Tennessee.

THC in it's various forms/compounds that come from a hemp plant are legal in Tennessee.

The Bad News About THC In Tennessee

This means you are not legally able to purchase certain products in Tennessee made from marijuana that you can purchase in other localities that have full recreational cannabis.

Does Tennessee Have Legal THC Products? Yes!

There are a LOT of products that are 100% legal in Tennessee to purchase and use that contain THC & CBD that are sourced from hemp. In fact, we have almost as many as legal marijuana states have!

What Do Tennessee Legal THC & CBD Products Do?

They contain one or more cannabinoids such as Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, THC-O and THC-A.

Many of these ARE psychoactive and depending on the cannabinoid and product can produce similar effects to marijuana-derived products. More info on cannabinoids and effects that are legal in Tennessee are available by clicking here.

Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Card For Tennessee?

No! You do not need a medical card to purchase hemp-derived THC and CBD products in Tennessee! You do need to be age 21+ with a valid state ID.

Legal THC Recreational Products In Tennessee

Click here to shop online for 100% legal THC/CBD products available for delivery in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee!