About Moonshot Dispensary Delivery

We have been in the legal Tennessee hemp industry for years in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

Why We're Different

  1. We've carefully curated our products to offer high quality and extremely popular products.

  2. Our focus is on delivering the best quality customer experience. When you order from us, you are getting great Tennessee legal THC/CBD products at great prices and you will receive updates on your order at every step of the way via text.

  3. If you have any questions or issues, call us at +1-855-679-9333 or email us to IMMEDIATELY open a support ticket at help@moonshotdelivers.com.

  4. We are a delivery service ONLY. This is not an add-on to a retail store.

  5. We are 100% carbon neutral, which means we offset all of our delivery services by purchasing carbon credits.

Other Information

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