Collection: Legal Mood Enhancers & Psychedelics

Welcome to our Mood & Psychedelics category, where you'll find a handpicked assortment of legal, natural, and transformative products designed to elevate your state of mind and enrich your experiences. Our current offerings focus on amanita mushroom-derived items, with plans to expand our selection to encompass even more of nature's powerful and ethically sourced creations.

At Moonshot our emphasis is products providing quality and consistency. We ensure all of our products have undergone potency testing with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) provided to ensure you're receiving the best of what nature has to offer. Although we get inbound inquiries from brands every week looking for us to offer their products, we carefully vet our manufacturers and suppliers, guaranteeing that each product adheres to the highest production standards.

Stay tuned for an even more diverse range of mind-expanding options, as we continue to curate our collection with the utmost care and dedication to your holistic well-being. Explore the world of Mood & Psychedelics with confidence, knowing that we've done the research to bring you the finest, most consistent, and ethically produced products available.