Revolutionizing Cannabis Delivery

Tired of the hassle and inconvenience of trying to figure out how to buy legal cannabis in Tennessee and Georgia? Look no further than Moonshot for fast reliable delivery straight to your doorstep. Our innovative system allows you to receive order confirmation, double check/update your delivery address/info, verify your identity, track your order and receive updates on its status all via text messages to your phone. 

All of our order status updates happen via text message to your phone.


How Do I Place An Order?

We are a delivery-only service (not available for pickup) and all of our orders are placed online at this website. Read up on what we offer, find the products you want and check out online.

Is Your Website Safe?

Our website is powered by Shopify and our credit card payment is handled by Bankful and Stripe. Shopify is one of the largest and most secure e-commerce website platforms. Bankful is the largest cannabis industry payment processor and the Stripe backend network processes hundreds of millions of dollars per day. Our website is secured with an SSL certificate and we have hundreds of happy customers.

I've Placed An Order, Now What?

You will receive text messages with an order confirmation with the delivery address / instructions you entered. This gives you a chance to check the address and make sure it was entered 100%. If you need to change anything you can do so right from your phone via text.

It's My First Order.

We require customers to create an account with us because on your first order we will verify your identity. This is a very fast and easy process done entirely via text to combat identity fraud, credit card fraud and to verify you are 21+.

What's Next?

Once the delivery info confirmation (and identity verification if it's your first order) are completed, we will prepare the order and set up a delivery driver for the order.

Keeping You In The Loop Throughout.

We built our order status and update system based on what we'd want if we were customers:

  • You will receive a text message when the order is prepared and a driver is assigned.

  • You will receive a text message when the driver gets the order. It will have the driver's name and phone number should you need to contact them. It will also give you a max ETA.

  • You will receive a text message when the driver has arrived at the delivery location and when the driver has delivered your order.

  • If there are any issues during the delivery, you will receive text message updates and you can easily get in touch with the driver directly.

How Will My Delivery Arrive?

Your order will come in plain packaging without any obvious names or identification. Orders are double bagged so there is no chance of smells or odors. When the driver delivers your order, they will take a photo to ensure there isn't an issue later with where it was delivered. Once delivered you will receive a text notifying you that it's been delivered.

What If I Need Help Or Have A Question?

At any time throughout the process you can instantly request a live agent to assist you for help or to answer any questions.


Other Topics

I'm From Out Of State.

No problem! As long as you're 21+ and you can verify it with a valid state-issued ID, you are 100% legally able to order. You don't need a medical or recreational card, for example.

I'm Staying At A Hotel/AirB&B/VRBO/Etc.

No. Problem.

We deliver to hotels and short term rentals constantly. Just make sure you give us good instructions on where to deliver your order!

If you are at a hotel/property, our driver will meet you at/near reception.