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Haygood 2mL Live Resin Delta-10 Cartridge - Granddaddy Purp Indica

Haygood 2mL Live Resin Delta-10 Cartridge - Granddaddy Purp Indica

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This indica dominant strain is said to have a grape/berry flavor with a hint of spice, leaving users feeling relaxed, sleepy and euphoric. Due to its soothing effects, this strain is ideal for either night or daytime depending when you need a break from stress the most.

Enjoy Delta-10 on the go with a cartridge.

What Delta-10 Cartridges Are Good For

Mild Effects
You can still enjoy the positive effects such as stress relief and calming effects without feeling overwhelmed with traditional ‘high’-like traits.

Stress Relief
Delta 10 may help relief stress and tension while keeping the psychotropic effects to a minimum so you’re free from any of the intense symptoms such as paranoia and anxiety. It’s currently being researched as a form of medication due to its mild yet beneficial effects on the mood.

Delta 10 has been reported to product an uplifting and calming effect without the paranoia and euphoria associated with Delta 9

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