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Strain History

Originating from an intriguing blend, Sunshine OG is the child of Chemdawg and Sunshine Daydream. Its roots can be traced back to the vibrant and potent Chemdawg strain, coupled with the relaxing and euphoric influence of the Sunshine Daydream lineage. This union birthed a strain that carries the best of both its parents, bringing forth an energetic yet calming experience for its users.


Upon your first encounter with Sunshine OG, you'll be swiftly captivated by its rapid onset of uplifting effects. Starting with a gentle pressure around the eyes and forehead, this sensation seamlessly transforms into an enlightening mindset where worries simply dissipate. This strain has the power to channel your thoughts, allowing them to flow in a dynamic and elevated manner. It's perfect for a morning awakening or an afternoon jolt, capable of providing both focus for mundane tasks and creativity for artistic endeavors. What sets Sunshine apart? Its gentle descent. As the euphoria wanes, a serene relaxation takes its place, ensuring there's no uneasy comedown.

This Strain Good For

Sunshine OG isn’t merely a recreational delight. Its range of therapeutic benefits is expansive. For those battling the grips of stress or depression, Sunshine's optimistic vibes offer a beacon of hope. Its sharpened focus can be a boon for those grappling with attention disorders. Physically, it’s a balm for aches, both acute and chronic. However, tread with caution if you're THC-sensitive or prone to anxiety, as its cerebral intensity can occasionally tip towards paranoia.


Don't be fooled by its modest appearance; Sunshine OG boasts an olfactory experience that's anything but ordinary. Its buds, when cured, unleash a melody of fruity sweetness, intertwined with tropical hints of pineapple. But there’s an edge to this saccharine symphony – a sharp chemical undertone, perhaps a nod to its Chemdawg ancestry. When consumed, it offers a delightful sweet, citrusy kick, ensuring a flavorful journey from start to finish.


The terpene profile of Sunshine OG sings with diversity. Dominated by fruity citrus notes, it's complemented by a medley of tropical undertones, spicy florals, and earthy fragrances. This unique blend not only contributes to its distinctive aroma and flavor but also its wide array of therapeutic effects.

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