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Strain History

Purple Cream emerges as a mystic blend, potentially marrying the robust genetics of Kush with the iconic Skunk lineage. Its precise origins remain veiled in cannabis lore, making it a treasure trove of speculation and intrigue for enthusiasts and cultivators alike.


Embarking on a journey with Purple Cream, one is greeted by a symphony of calm, with a mellow embrace that swathes the body in tranquility. This strain's effects are a delicate dance between soothing relaxation and a gentle cerebral uplift, ensuring a harmonious balance that doesn't tether one too firmly to the couch.

This Strain Good For

In the realm of therapeutic relief, Purple Cream shines as a beacon for those navigating the tumultuous seas of stress and anxiety. Its sedative properties offer a sanctuary for the sleep-deprived, gently coaxing one into a serene slumber. For those seeking solace from physical discomfort, this strain extends its soothing touch, easing pain and unwinding tension.


The palate of Purple Cream is a tapestry of taste, weaving together sweet, fruity notes with a floral fragrance that blossoms upon each encounter. This strain doesn't shy away from complexity, offering an undercurrent of earthiness that grounds its sweeter, more ethereal flavors.


The terpene profile of Purple Cream is a harmonious blend that mirrors its flavor spectrum. Myrcene leads with its herbal embrace, augmented by the citrus burst of Limonene and the floral whisper of Linalool. This combination crafts a sensorial experience that is as intricate as it is inviting, enhancing both the strain's aromatic allure and its therapeutic potential.

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