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Strain History

Embarking on a scintillating journey through genetic tapestry, Peanut Butter Breath originates from the confluence of two formidable ancestors: Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath. With an auspicious origin from ThugPug Genetics, this strain pays homage to its lineage, transcending conventional hybrid profiles. You may encounter other tantalizing derivatives as well—breeders at Clout King, for example, have brought forth a unique cross known as "Peanut Butter Cup."


Adroitly balanced between indica and sativa—50/50 to be precise—Peanut Butter Breath unfurls its impact in a sequence of stages. Initially, an uplifting cerebral buzz cascades over you. Then, as if carried by an ocean tide, tingling waves course through your spine, and ripple outwards to the very tips of your fingers and toes. Immersed in this cocoon of utter relaxation, be prepared for an insatiable onslaught of the munchies. From a zone of pure chill to a state of couch-bound nirvana, it's a dynamic symphony of sensations.

This Strain Good For

If you're ailing from maladies such as appetite loss, chronic pain, or stress, this strain emerges as a veritable panacea. Its versatility also makes it a darling among recreational users, proving efficacious for winding down post-daily grind or fostering an evening of congenial social interactions. Considering its substantial THC levels—ranging from 18% to 28%—both veterans and newbies should exercise mindful dosing.


At the core of Peanut Butter Breath's allure is its cornucopia of flavors—a meandering mosaic that captivates the palate. Amidst the foreground of rich, nutty undertones, a medley of herbal notes unfurls, punctuated by elusive whispers of vanilla and chocolate. Each inhalation is akin to a gastronomic voyage, one that commands your senses to sit up and take notice.


The intriguing tapestry of flavors and scents is intricately woven by a cadre of key terpenes. Caryophyllene punctuates each puff with a peppery zing, while Limonene imbues citrusy nuances that dance on your taste buds. Meanwhile, Pinene unfurls the aroma of a verdant pine forest after the first rain. Collectively, these terpenes not only amplify the strain's olfactory and gustatory appeal but also contribute to its overall therapeutic repertoire.

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