Collection: Northern Lights Indica Products

Strain History

One of the most sought-after and recognized strains in the cannabis world, Northern Lights is a nearly pure indica strain that traces its origins back to original Afghani landrace strains. Its history is a tapestry of anecdotes, some suggesting it may have initially sprouted near Seattle, Washington, in the 1970s. The strain then found its way to the Netherlands, where the breeder Neville Schoenmaker perfected several Northern Lights phenotypes for The Seed Bank, an early precursor to Sensi Seeds, in the 1980s. Since its commercialization by Sensi Seeds in 1985, Northern Lights has become a cornerstone of cannabis culture.


Northern Lights promises a powerful experience, often referred to as a "two-hit and quit" strain due to its high potency. Users describe a near-immediate, blissful, altered state, characterized by a numbing body high and a comforting sense of happiness. In lower doses, even novice users might feel the overwhelming desire to indulge in relaxation and introspection. The strain's potent indica composition makes it an excellent choice for evening use and as an aid for insomnia.

This Strain Good For

As one of the most potent indica strains available, Northern Lights can be used to relieve various medical conditions. It is widely appreciated for its therapeutic benefits, particularly in managing anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Additionally, the strain is known for its appetite-stimulating properties, making it a potential aid for those dealing with eating disorders. Despite its potential benefits, users should note that common side effects include cottonmouth and red eyes, with higher doses possibly leading to dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.


Northern Lights boasts an old-school flavor profile that's a rare find among today's top-shelf strains. Users are treated to a smooth, earthy, and slightly sweet experience, with subtle pine and citrus undertones. The strain's aroma is unique and refreshing, reminiscent of waking up early in a dense, coniferous forest. The pungent taste combined with sweet nuances delights the taste buds and lingers even after consumption.


Further contributing to Northern Lights' rich profile are its terpenes, which play a significant role in its unique flavor and aroma. Though the specific composition can vary based on the phenotype, Northern Lights typically presents a terpene profile that enhances its earthy flavors and boosts its therapeutic potential. Details of the terpene composition will depend on laboratory testing of the specific batch.