Collection: Mimosa Gushers Hybrid Products

Strain History

Embodying a fusion of the flavorful and potent Mimosa with the incredibly relaxing and euphoric Gushers, Mimosa Gushers was born. Its roots are anchored deeply in two strains whose characteristics have been widely praised and enjoyed by both medicinal and recreational users. This enticing new hybrid is a carefully curated blend of the famed Mimosa, known for its champagne and citrusy punch, and the powerfully relaxing Gushers, named after a popular fruit candy due to its explosion of fruit flavors. The end result, Mimosa Gushers, pays homage to both its parents, featuring a robust profile that's truly a match made in cannabis heaven.


Indulging in Mimosa Gushers is like riding a wave of relaxation that laps over you, with a dash of creative and social stimulation. It unifies the Mimosa’s energetic and uplifting buzz that encourages creativity and social interaction, with Gushers’ tingly euphoria that fills you with a sense of tranquil relaxation. You'll be left in an ideal state of blissful contentment, perfectly at ease, yet stimulated enough for any low-energy activities.

This Strain Good For

Mimosa Gushers caters to a wide range of needs. From the recreational user seeking a mild euphoric uplift and relaxed social engagement to the medical marijuana patient dealing with symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. This hybrid provides a smooth balance, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of both sativa and indica. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, spark creativity, or just seeking relief from life's everyday stressors, Mimosa Gushers may well be your go-to strain.


Mimosa Gushers inherits a delightfully intriguing flavor profile from its parent strains. From Mimosa, it draws a tangy citrus note akin to a refreshing mimosa cocktail. This is beautifully complemented by Gushers' trademark sweet fruit and creamy cookie flavor, lending it a rich depth. When you light it up, expect a burst of flavors that tickles your taste buds, leaving a flavorful trail that's hard to forget.


Just as it’s a fusion of effects and flavors, Mimosa Gushers is a melting pot of terpenes. Dominant in Limonene from its Mimosa parentage, it offers a fresh and zesty aroma that uplifts your senses. From Gushers, it inherits Caryophyllene, a terpene known for its spicy undertones that add a dash of warmth to the citrus cool. This exquisite blend of terpenes not only makes for an enticing aroma and flavor but also brings along various wellness benefits.