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Strain History

The roots of Mendo Breath trace back to the verdant landscapes of Mendocino, California. Pioneered by the innovative Gage Green Genetics, this intriguing indica-dominant hybrid is a union of the legendary OG Kush Breath and the elusive Mendo Montage strain. Its origins aren't just captivating; they're a testament to the dedication of cannabis cultivators seeking the ultimate sensory experience.


One of the defining features of Mendo Breath is its onset of effects. Almost immediately after partaking, users are embraced by a tingling sensation, evolving into a profound full-bodied euphoria. But it's not just about cerebral elation; this strain anchors you into a couch-locked state of relaxation. Drift into its hazy embrace and let go of the day's stresses, for Mendo Breath is not just a strain—it's an experience.

This Strain Good For

Feeling restless? Struggling with insomnia or just the weight of daily pressures? Mendo Breath might be your solace. It's been acclaimed for its therapeutic prowess against chronic pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Many also find it to be a godsend when combatting chronic stress. But remember, it's potent! Best reserved for those nighttime hours when all you seek is restful slumber and tranquility.


Let your palate be enthralled. Mendo Breath boasts a symphony of flavors, starting with sweet vanilla and luscious caramel. Beneath these top notes, one might discern subtle hints of pine, earthiness, and candied sweetness. Each drag is a delightful journey, making you question if you're savoring a strain or a dessert from a gourmet candy shop.


At the heart of Mendo Breath's allure are its terpenes. These aromatic compounds are responsible not just for its scent and flavor but also influence its effects. Dominant terpenes infuse the strain with its characteristic vanilla and caramel aroma, while others, present in smaller quantities, bring forth nuances of fresh berries, chocolate mint, and pine. Dive deep into the terpene profile, and you'll discover the true essence of Mendo Breath.

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