Collection: Girl Scout Cookies Strain Products

Strain History

Widely acclaimed as a veritable tour-de-force in the halls of cannabis genetics, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) originated from the famed Bay Area, a product of ingenious breeding by the Cookie Family. The illustrious strain, known as the epitome of hybrid vigor, is a masterful amalgamation of F1 Durban Poison and OG Kush. It skyrocketed to cannabis stardom circa 2011-2012, heralded as a game-changer at a time when the market was saturated with Purps. Within the intricate tapestry of its history, one finds the indelible imprint of Jai Chang, or Jigga, an instrumental force behind GSC's creation.


When it comes to achieving a cerebral pantheon of nuanced effects, GSC outclasses most contenders. The initial euphoric wave induces a heightened sense of creativity, allowing the mind to traverse expansive realms of thought. But beware—those tantalizing tokes may segue into profound, meditative introspection. As the experience matures, the indica aspects assert themselves in a crescendo of deep relaxation, often culminating in blissful lethargy.

This Strain Good For

GSC's multifaceted effects position it as an invaluable companion for diverse medical and recreational objectives. A lifeboat for those navigating the turbulent waters of chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle tension, this strain acts as a potent tranquilizer. Its unique profile also battles the dragons of stress and depression, setting the stage for complete serenity. On the physiological side, GSC may act as an appetite stimulant—think munchies, but the good kind.


Unsheathing a phantasmagoric symphony of flavors, GSC tantalizes your olfactory senses the moment its jar is unlidded. Connoisseurs discern an intoxicating blend of sweet, earthy base notes accentuated by nuanced undertones of citrus, pine, and funk. It’s an aromatic kaleidoscope that exemplifies what it means to have a complex profile.


Imagine an artisanal cocktail where each ingredient complements the other, yielding a blend that is far greater than the sum of its parts. That's GSC's terpene profile for you. Caryophyllene's peppery kick jives with myrcene's earthy nuance. Pinene and limonene add delightful conifer and citrus layers, making each puff a journey through a forest of flavors.