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Strain History

Biscotti, a delectable creation from the famed Cookies Fam genetics, is the result of marrying GSC (previously known as Girl Scout Cookies), Gelato #25, and South Florida OG. This rare indica-dominant hybrid was developed by Berner and renowned grower Jigga, and it has since served as the foundation for many other cherished hybrids, including Gelatti and Biscotti x Gushers. Biscotti's name, Italian for "twice-cooked," is an apt descriptor for the double-punch of euphoria and relaxation that this strain delivers.


Stepping into the world of Biscotti is like taking a dip in a serene sea of milk and cookies. The high begins with a wave of cerebral energy that leaves the mind feeling lifted and blissfully calm. This sense of mental flight gradually melds into a soothing body high, where warmth and tingling sensations wash over you, leaving you in a state of unparalleled relaxation. Amid this euphoria, a sociable, giggly mood is likely to emerge, making Biscotti an excellent choice for both solo and social settings.

This Strain is Good For

Biscotti is an excellent choice for those seeking relief from stress, depression, and mood swings. Its powerful effects can dissipate mental fogginess and lethargy, revitalizing your energy levels and imbuing you with a mood-enhancing relaxation that can help you navigate through a busy week. Additionally, Biscotti's deliciously sweet flavor, reminiscent of a sugary cookie, makes it a preferred choice for cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth.


The flavor profile of Biscotti is a delightful journey through sweet and bitter landscapes. With an aroma that evokes sweet buttery notes, the taste evolves into a slightly bitter tone reminiscent of a robust coffee. The overall experience is akin to a dessert-like indulgence, offering an intriguing blend of earth, fruit, herbs, and cookie flavors. The richness of these flavors culminates in a potent and spicy exhale that leaves an unforgettable impression.


The remarkable terpene profile of Biscotti contributes significantly to its appeal. Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene lend a rich diversity to this strain, generating its delectable flavors and aromas. The presence of these terpenes results in a scent profile that includes sweet, gassy, and herbal notes. Additionally, hints of earth, fruit, and cookies add complexity to the fragrance, leading to a layered and enjoyable olfactory experience. Biscotti's enticing blend of aromas and flavors makes it a sought-after strain for cannabis aficionados who appreciate an exceptional terpene profile.

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