Wichita Dispensary Delivery

Wichita Dispensary Delivery Skyline

Located in the heart of Kansas, Wichita residents and visitors seeking high-quality, legal THC and cannabis delivery services look further. Moonshot Dispensary Delivery, already operating in Nashville, Atlanta and Chattanooga, is thrilled to extend its cannabis delivery services to the Wichita market has launched in January 2024.

Despite the prohibition of recreational marijuana in Kansas, Wichita stands out by offering legal, hemp-derived THC products. This presents a lawful and satisfying alternative for those accustomed to the offerings of recreational marijuana dispensaries in other states. Moonshot leads this market with its exceptional range of hemp-derived THC products, including delta-9, delta-8, and THCA, comparable in quality and experience to those found in states where recreational cannabis is legal.

Moonshot's product lineup is carefully curated and top shelf, featuring highly sought-after THCA diamonds, crumble, vaping products and flower. Additionally, the selection extends to a variety of Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 edibles and disposables. Whether you're seeking relaxation at home, planning an outing, or hosting a gathering, Moonshot's delivery service caters to all your needs.

The convenience of Moonshot's delivery service is unmatched. Customers in Wichita can simply schedule their orders in advance or opt for on-demand delivery, pick up in store or enjoy the luxury of having high-quality cannabis products delivered right to their doorstep. Yes, we can also deliver to hotels, short term rentals and apartments/condos. This service eliminates the hassle of facing adverse weather conditions or navigating through traffic.

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