The New Nashville High: An Insider's Guide to THCA Flower

THCA Flower in Nashville: The Legal High You May Not Know About

People move around. They switch jobs, chase dreams or maybe find new homes where the lifestyle suits them. Recent transplants to Nashville often find themselves missing some of the comforts of home, particularly if they come from states where marijuana is legal. Tourists from such states share a similar predicament. Are you a transplant or tourist? Then it's time to learn about THCA flower: a 100% legal and potent alternative available in Nashville.

Is THCA legal in Nashville?

THCA, or Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, is a non-psychoactive compound naturally found in cannabis plants. When subjected to heat or left over time, it transforms into THC, the compound in cannabis that does get you high. In Nashville, as long as it's derived from hemp and not marijuana, THCA is completely legal. So, whether you're a Nashville newbie or a seasoned local, you can legally enjoy hemp-derived high THCA flower.

What's Considered High Potency in THCA Flower?

If you're accustomed to recreational marijuana, you might be wondering how THCA flower stacks up. The consensus among industry professionals is that a THCA percentage above 15% is considered high potency. Now, imagine having such potency, all legal and delivered right to your doorstep in Nashville. We at Moonshot offer exactly that, and in fact a lot of our THCA flower is over 20% THCA potency.

The Transformation of THCA Into THC

One of the fascinating aspects of THCA is its transformation into THC with heat and time in a process known as decarboxylation. Consuming THCA in its raw form won't get you high. However, once it's heated (like when you smoke or vape it), THCA becomes THC.

How to Use THCA Flower

The versatility of THCA flower is another reason for its popularity. You can smoke or vape it in a preroll, apparatus, pipe or vaporizer. If you're into edibles, you can use THCA flower to create your own.

Getting THCA Flower in Nashville

Acquiring high-quality, high potency legal THCA flower in Nashville is as easy as placing an order with us here at Moonshot. We offer same-day delivery service, taking the hassle out of the process. Instead of searching for a "THCA flower Nashville delivery" or settling for lower quality alternatives, Moonshot brings dispensary grade THCA flower (and all of our other products) right to your doorstep.

Moonshot: Elevating the Nashville Cannabis Experience

Moonshot isn't just another cannabis dispensary delivery company. Our objective is to elevate the cannabis products and experience in Nashville. Our indoor grown, dispensary grade THCA flower is a huge part of that.

Moving to a new city or state often requires a bit of adjustment. For us at Moonshot, we know that giving up high-quality cannabis products doesn't have to be part of your Nashville adaptation. Even in non-recreational states like Tennessee, you can find high-quality, potent, legal cannabis products that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations!

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