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Atlanta Dispensary: The Moonshot Experience for Hemp-Derived THC Products

The Peach State is undeniably a beautiful place to live, work, and explore, but Georgia has yet to legalize marijuana for recreational use. That however doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits of cannabis products in Atlanta. Welcome to Moonshot, your go-to destination for modern, compliant hemp-derived THC products that are federally and state legal.

Legal Hemp Cannabis: A World of Possibilities

At Moonshot we're proud to provide a curated selection of hemp-derived THC products, including delta-9, delta-8 and THCA. These cannabinoids offer unique experiences and benefits and offer different effects. Whether you're looking for relaxation, creativity or stress relief our products can help enhance your lifestyle.

Dispensary Delivery: Convenience & Quality

Besides curated extremely high quality products, Moonshot's other best feature is Same Day Delivery service. Our focus is to make it almost effortless for you to enjoy premium cannabis products without having to leave or shop. In just a few clicks you can place an order and have it delivered right to your doorstep in the greater Atlanta area. It's truly the perfect solution for those looking for both quality and convenience.

A Better Kind of Atlanta Dispensary

While we at Moonshot may not be a traditional recreational state marijuana dispensary, we're dedicated to providing absolutely exceptional experience for our customers. We constantly search for the newest and greatest top-tier, compliant hemp-derived THC products in all categories that rival what you'd find in a recreational state dispensary. Our obsession with quality, variety and customer experience sets us apart.

Legal, Reliable, Safe & Compliant

When it comes to the cannabis industry, compliance and safety are of utmost importance. We take these factors SERIOUSLY, ensuring that all our products are in line with federal and state regulations and that test results are available directly on product pages on our website. Do you love cannabis, but don't feel confident that products in smoke shops and other brick-and-mortar are good quality, tested correctly and/or safe to use? Then you're our customer!

Staying Informed and Educated

We believe that an informed customer is the best customer, so we continuously add content to our website providing information to help make the best decisions for selecting the cannabis products. Our blog and educational resources cover a wide range of topics from trends in the industry to the science behind cannabinoids and to new types of products.

Customer Service & Communication

We believe customer service is a dying art and we pride ourselves on an absolute obsession to offer true customer service and satisfaction. Our team is available via text, email, website live chat or phone to answer questions you may have, guide you through products and help ensure that your experience is exceptional.


A Commitment to Sustainability

Moonshot is dedicated to making a positive impact not only on our customers but also on the environment. Lots of our product packaging is designed to be eco-friendly and we purchase carbon credits to offset our deliveries.


Moonshot Advantage

We understand that our clientele is 21+, values quality and safety and appreciates the convenience of having dispensary-quality products delivered in Atlanta. Although recreational marijuana may not be legal in Georgia, our selection of hemp-derived THC products and Same Day Delivery services can provide an even better customer experience. So if you're in Atlanta and searching for a dispensary, remember Moonshot is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



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