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Tranquil LIMITLESS 32% THCA Preroll - Pineapple Express Sativa 1.5g

Tranquil LIMITLESS 32% THCA Preroll - Pineapple Express Sativa 1.5g

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ATTENTION: Only for experienced users who are used to highly potent products. Our testing team has reported the Limitless prerolls are as strong, if not stronger, with longer lasting effects than high potency prerolls from recreational states.

Tranquil LIMITLESS products are formulated for the highest potency available using only the finest ingredients for long lasting effects.

 The Tranquil LIMITLESS prerolls consist of:

1. Indoor grown, living soil high THCA flower - Pineapple Express Sativa

2. BudLove herbal mixer

3. Tranquil's sauce diamonds that combine +98% pure THCA diamonds with pharmaceutical grade terpenes.

The combination of top shelf indoor grown high THCA flower with BudLove herbal mixer produce typical effects that smooth the taste, mellows the smoke and lengthens the effects of the flower. Sativas become more sativa-y, indicas become more indica-y and so forth.

Then by adding highly potent and pure THCA diamonds and matched terpenes throughout the preroll, the overall amount of THCA is increased to a true 32%!

"I have a really high tolerance, but this was stronger than I expected and I had to put it away after a few hits. I finished it over the course of an hour. Then I spent the next 7 hours fully elevated. It's the highest high like the first time you ever smoked. 100% worth the price of admission." - FP, longtime Moonshot customer and flower enthusiast

"It was hard to describe the high I could almost say it was so natural that it was hard to pinpoint. But I definitely felt like my brain was enhanced or more sharp? I'm doing my sign language courses pretty easily!” - Canna industry professional



We have customers constantly who order from us when visiting from LA/NYC/Chicago/etc and are looking for a top-level product and experience. Everyone raves about this Tranquil THCA flower.

Packaged in a beautiful container that is childproof, tamper proof, shatter resistant, lightweight with an excellent lid sealing mechanism that keeps odors in and impurities out. Although the tamper ring will snap when you first open it (letting you know it has not been disturbed since it was packed), the tube will still seal airtight over and over helping to keep the preroll in top condition while you enjoy it.


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