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Tranquil Chem Dawg 24.6% THCA Dogwalker 0.3g Prerolls (2 Pack)

Tranquil Chem Dawg 24.6% THCA Dogwalker 0.3g Prerolls (2 Pack)

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Chemdawg, Hybrid, THCA
UPC: 798336022215

Tranquil's indoor grow THCA flower preroll. No seeds or stems, just beautifully trimmed dispensary-quality buds ground and expertly rolled.

We have customers constantly who order from us when visiting from LA/NYC/Chicago/etc and are looking for a top-level product and experience. Everyone raves about this Tranquil THCA flower.

Packaged in a beautiful container that is childproof, tamper proof, shatter resistant, lightweight with an excellent lid sealing mechanism that keeps odors in and impurities out. Although the tamper ring will snap when you first open it (letting you know it has not been disturbed since it was packed), the tube will still seal airtight over and over helping to keep the preroll in top condition while you enjoy it.

Note: Preroll may have a natural or white cone.


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